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Try a beverage from our local tea company

Tea is the kind of drink that's made to be shared, whether you're at a picnic, family cookout, or hanging out late with friends. That's why Joell Regal, the creator of Royaltea, is so excited to share her one-of-a-kind tea recipe with you.

While growing up, Joell's mother would never buy tea or lemonade from the market; she always made it by hand. Eventually Joell would experiment with her own recipes, using all-natural ingredients. After bringing her homemade tea and lemonade to family gatherings and parties, she discovered they were a hit. As demand grew, the operation expanded, and now you have the chance to try this crowd-pleasing tea for yourself.

Learn more about our unique business

You're sure to love our beverages that have been created with love and have superior flavor. If you're considering carrying our products, know that you'll be supporting a company that's:

  • Black- and woman-owned
  • Locally operated in Birmingham, Alabama
  • Dedicated to making products with natural ingredients

Our amazing company, product and branding make the perfect package. Reach out to us today to discuss stocking our teas in your store.

Find your favorite flavor

Tea lovers can enjoy a variety of flavors from our beverage company. We provide four delicious tea types, including:

Sweet Tea

King Half Gallon FrontKing Half Gallon Back


Queen Gallon FrontQueen Gallon Back

Sweet Tea and Lemonade

Heir Gallon FrontHeir Gallon Back

Unsweet Tea

Jester Half Gallon FrontJester Half Gallon Back

We have something for everyone to enjoy. Check out our Where To Find Us page and find out how to pick up a tea to try.