Discover What Makes Our Tea So Amazing

Check out what goes into Royaltea

When you think of good tea, do you think of manufactured bottles, or do you think of a homemade pitcher of tea being stirred by hand? At Royaltea, we make our tea with the homegrown care that makes all the difference. Our refreshing beverages are sure to quench your thirst and give you the nostalgic feeling that only really good tea can.

Our flavor comes from real ingredients

We use all-natural ingredients, such as spring water and pure cane sugar, to create our teas. You'll also appreciate the things we don't include in our recipe. Our teas have:

  • No concentrates
  • No Preservatives
  • No artificial coloring
  • No artificial sweeteners

You'll be able to taste the difference our ingredients make when you try any of our products. You can't beat the fresh flavors natural ingredients make.  Contact us now to learn more about our beverages.