They are great and I am going to need another order when you can!

D. Wright

Soooo.... If I'm ever subjected to a drug test is crack going to show up?? This s*** is soooo good!! Girl! I got the lemonade and tea and they are both phenomenal!

C. Walker

They're great, [he] absolutely loves them! The packaging is super professional, looks like it came out of a factory! It's also awesome that they're super cold upon delivery too!

R. Griffin

My God that girl's tea is delicious!

S. Robinson

Hey hun your tea was a big hit.

K. Harper

I don't think you'll have a problem getting in and selling out. Really good stuff.

C. Smith

Thank you so much for your teas; they are all wonderful!

A. Lewis

Is it too early to tell you it tastes amazing?

A. Coleman

I love the tea!

T. Klein

I'm hooked.

Antwanette T

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